Certificate of Publication

I come downstairs, and on the table, there's a certificate of publication...which means, of course, that one very lucky author in this household has gotten a poem published!

I seriously can't believe it!!!!!!!!

Oh, I forgot one very important detail.

My sister's the one who got published. Not me.

As I write this, my sister is reading aloud the congratulations and stuff that came along with the certificate. Long story short, she's an internationally published author now. Granted, her poem is only one of many poems that are being printed in a poetry book, but that doesn't matter.

All I know is, my sister's good enough to get her works published...




The question I often ask myself rings in my head. What about me isn't good enough? The even more frustrating thing is, my family doesn't have a clue that I'm fighting tears right now. They don't know why I just ran upstairs and shut the door behind me. They don't know anything.

Oh, but I know a few things.

1. My sister is good enough to be published, but apparently, I'm not.

2. I will have to act happy for my sister whenever this subject is brought up.

and 3. I have a lot of hair on my head. A few follicles here and there won't be missed, right? Right?!

Not right.

Warrior, let me tell you something. There will be times when you look at things other people have done, and you might feel as though you're perpetually stuck with the title "second best," or even "not good enough." You might be like me and ask yourself over and over and over again, "What about me isn't good enough?" And it will steal your joy, this comparing of yourself to others.

I said I was going to stop comparing myself to others. So yes, I will allow myself to be disappointed in the fact that I'm not yet a published author, but I will also rejoice with my sister. She must be feeling so great right now! Why would I give up an excellent opportunity to build up my sister, all because I'm dealing with the green-eyed monster of jealousy?

So...no more of this comparison stuff. I'm totally done with that. Easier said than done, of course, but still possible.

My dearest fighter, you are you. You are given a completely beautiful set of talents that most likely won't be compared to others unless you let them be. I know it's cliched, but you are so unique. God has given you your skills and appearance and such for a reason.

Please, don't compare yourself. That'd just be accepting defeat.

And we both know you're stronger than that.

The End

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