Dear Warrior {07-27-12}, a second entry

Dear Warrior...

Today, I'm getting together with my senior class. We're doing a service project for the next four weekends. What we're doing, is we're getting together with about 20 or so inner city kids and doing things like playing games, eating dinner, and telling them about God.

Ironically enough, I'm in charge of the "telling them about God" part. So last night, I poured out my heart to God, asking Him to fill me with Love and Patience and Joy, that I might reflect Him.

Hours later, I felt like such a bad person that I returned to the chains of penance.

Until today, I hadn't realized the irony of it all. But suddenly, it dawned on me. I think last night was a direct attack from the devil. And believe it or not, now that last night is all over with, I'm so excited!

See, if it was an attack from the devil...that must mean he was trying to keep me away from God because something beautiful is going to happen today if I'm close to Him. The devil wants to keep me from my ministry because he knows how effective I am if I am faithful to God!!!


Warrior, I know I've written about you having a ministry before, but I'm going to write about it again. If you're experiencing a direct attack from satan, it's because he wants to keep you away from God - not only because he doesn't like to see you happy, but also because HE IS AFRAID OF WHAT YOU AND GOD CAN ACCOMPLISH TOGETHER!

I don't know about you, but...I think that's pretty insane. :)

Stay strong, Warrior. The devil will have a partay if you don't.

The End

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