Dear Warrior {07-22-12}

Dear Warrior...

You know the whole OCD thing I told you about?

Well, I'm working really, really hard at putting my obsessive compulsive habits aside. But today, I found myself doing something frustratingly new: I'm becoming OCD about not being OCD!

For example, I used to always do everything in sets of three. Today, I was drawing three hearts - not because of OCD, but because it seemed like the right amount of hearts for the particular situation. However, I started freaking out and added a fourth heart, just so that I wouldn't do anything in a set of three.

I've been noticing this in myself. Whenever I went down a flight of stairs, I always ended with my right foot. Now, though, I find myself freaking out if I ever end on my right foot, because I connect that with OCD. So, like I said - I'm becoming OCD about not being OCD!


I tell you, this is disheartening. Here, I thought I was doing well, and now the devil has to play a new trick on me! Ughhhh.

But you know what? I won't let it work. I'm going to keep fighting. If I arbitrarily draw three hearts, so be it. If I happen to end a flight of stairs on my right foot, so be it. As long as these things aren't OCD-controlled, then they are just fine.

The devil thought he could one up me, but he couldn't, could he? ;)

Warrior, just when you think your life is going to be perfect from now on - just when you overcome an obstacle and decide that that obstacle was your last - the devil will probably try to get the upper hand again. But take heart - God knows each and every one of your struggles, and He's already planned an escape route...or a victorious battle scene. He's not going to help you over one struggle, then leave you to fend for yourself in the next. He's got your back for good.

Don't give up. Don't you dare give up. Take heart - He has overcome everything already.

The End

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