A Journal Entry

Here is something I wrote in my journal today, something I'd like to share with you all (take THAT, stupid brick walls!!!)

This is written to God.

Dear One,

Broken, broken, broken.

I am worn out and torn up. But I am taking heart, because You have overcome the world. I'm not, not, NOT giving up! NOTHING can make me give up - I REFUSE to give up!

I will do whatever it takes to cling to You.

I will not question Your ways, God. Who is a mere human to complain about suffering? Yes, I can voice my opinion, but I will NOT complain. Ultimately, power is Yours, and Your plan is one of Truth. I don't see the purpose of many things that have happened, but one day, I will understand the meaning behind why You haven't taken away my pain. Even now, as I look back, I am thankful for the heartache I've seen so far. Even though the present seems pointless at times, it brings me closer to You.

Perhaps that is the point of this...our Great Romance.

Lord, I REJOICE in the pain. I REJOICE in the trials. I REJOICE in the hardships. I will NOT let any circumstances steal my peace and my joy - the peace and the joy that You have given me.

Let our Love be refined by the flames...not burned by them. Let this bring about GLORY!

Warrior, He's after your heart. And even if it means you will have to go through pain, He will do whatever it takes to prove to you that He is Loving, He is Forgiving, He is Powerful, He is Relentless, and He is here with you.

Open your eyes, warrior...He is holding your hand. 

The End

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