A Continuation of Previous Ramblings

How to best explain my OCD habits? Hmm. I'll start out with a recent example.

I was eating dinner with one of my friends a few weeks ago when I randomly started talking about the way I eat.

"So when I drink stuff, I always count the number of sips I take. I take sips in multiples of three or four. And when I eat, I make sure that the food is either distributed evenly on both sides of my mouth, or else that it is chewed an equal number of times on the left side of my mouth as it is on the right side."

At this point, my friend's looking at me like, whaaat?

"And whenever I go up or down steps, I skip a step if it's an odd amount of stairs. I have almost everyone's stairs memorized because I pay so much attention to them."

My friend's like, you're kidding.

And it dawned on me. Why are you looking at me like that? "What, don't you do any of those things."


I was kind of shocked. "Don't you do anything like that?"


"You mean...you don't think about any of those things?" Negative again. "Wow...I can't imagine what it'd be like to live like that."

You mean...it's not normal to count the number of times you blink? It's not normal? People actually live without doing that?

The End

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