Dear Warrior {07-18-12}

Dear Warrior...

I have a bad headache. I'm in a horrible mood. Both can be attributed to the fact that I just want to seriously, like, climb a wall or something. And I'm climbing a wall because I can't believe I'm about to write what I'm about to write.

Confession, guyyyys...

Allow me to take an excerpt from one of my previous "Dear Warrior" entries. It says:

"for those of you who are wondering - I am beating the whole OCD thing, praise the LORD! The reason I don't talk about it is because I don't feel the need to - I'm getting over it on my own, with God's help."

Lie. Lie, lie, lie. I do feel the need to fess up about my OCD, because it's been in the dark for way too long...

Okay. I'm going to post this now so that I can't back out, and then I'll continue in another post. Ugh. I can't believe I'm doing this. Blah.

The End

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