Dear Warrior {07-16-12}

Dear Warrior...

It's not selfish. You're not being selfish. Taking care of you is what you're supposed to do. Yes, you're supposed to love others as you love yourself - but if you hate yourself for the sake of loving others, then what does that mean for everyone else?

I speak for myself.

I can't let myself get all entangled in the arms of trying to be other people's savior. It doesn't work that way. And if you're honest with yourself, you'll admit that you agree with me.

Warrior, how can you be a support to others if you're allowing yourself to be drained by trying to move other people's mountains?

Again, I speak for myself.

Hang in there. You're gonna make it. It's gonna be okay - if you let it. And in the end, I think you will.

The End

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