Dear Warrior {06-09-12}

Dear Warrior...

This one's for you.

One word has been parading through my mind all day: soulsick. It's like I can't get that word off my mind, because...'s true.

Something rather distressing happened (I'll spare you the details), something that caused me to wonder if people really don't enjoy my company. If people are secretly annoyed me. I keep thinking,

What about me isn't good enough?!

Soulsick, soulsick, soulsick. Even people I don't know that well can recognize that I'm going through a hard time.

But the thing about soulsickness is...there's a Healer. And once you've experienced the healing, you were thankful for the soulsickness, because...after all this has passed, there is beauty.

Beauty. I'm hanging onto His promises. They get me through.

The End

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