Dear Warrior {06-05-12}

Dear Warrior...

This one's for you.

Soon after I found out that my older sister had an eating disorder, I made a promise. I promised to God that, as long as it was in my power, I would never skip a meal. Not because I think skipping a meal is wrong, but because I have seen what extended periods of "skipping a meal" can do to someone. 

I know that the promise might seem a little overboard, but I don't want to get close to the fire. I don't even want to entertain any kind of temptation when it comes to eating. I've set boundaries, and I'm going to stay within them.

Sometimes, keeping yourself from danger is inconvenient. It might seem overboard. But you know your boundaries, and you know what you can handle.

Dear Warrior, I believe in you!

The End

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