Dear Warrior {05-30-12}

Dear Warrior...

This one's for you.

Do you want to be free? Do you really want to be free? Then you have to actively choose freedom - to immerse yourself in it.

A few days ago, I printed out lots of Truth-based poems and hung them up all over my room. On the mirrors, on the walls - and I even considered taping some to my ceiling! I've been writing down my favorite Bible verses and working on memorizing them, too. I used window markers to write Truth on my mirror and bought a Truth-filled bookmark so that whenever I read anything, I have a reminder of what I'm fighting for.

My point isn't to say "You should all do what I'm doing!" No, what I'm saying is that if I expect myself to be free of the bondage that used to claim my soul, then I've got to fully immerse myself in Truth. It's the only thing that'll set me free.

It's the only thing that'll set you free, too.

The End

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