Dear Warrior {05-29-12}

Dear Warrior...

This one's for you.

I feel like I'm five steps behind everyone else, which means I'm six steps behind where I want to be. It's not because I'm competitive that I'm this dissatisfied; it's because now that my friends know my failures, I am no longer a role model. And I want to be a role model - I want to be a Strong One - because if I'm not, then of what value to God am I?

I'm disappointed in my failures, disappointed in my victories, and disappointed in myself.

One of the things I never promised I'd give up is comparing myself to others. This comparing thing has robbed my joy for the past week or so. So you know what? It's gotta stop. Today marks the day that I will begin to fight the need to compare my progress with others' progress. It's a joy stealer.

To all who read this: I hereby promise to myself, to God, and to you that I will not give into the disappointment

Dear Warrior, will you?

The End

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