Dear Unicorn


Dear Unicorn,

This is my first ever letter for you. Well, aside from that school activity where in you need to send a letter to your friends. I don't really plan to send nor show this to you. I'm just writing here in this previously clean sheet of paper to express what I feel for you. To always remind me of how much I love  you.

I'm sorry if I can't use your name, I really found it awkward to write your name and just to protect myself in case some moron checks this letter out. Anyways, you love being called 'unicorn' right? So I don't think it will be really a problem for you.

The pseudonym 'unicorn' suits you! Why? You're so lovable and you lead me to magical thoughts between the two of us. Yes, I always fantasize about you. Oh how I wish we were in a fairy tale.. how I wish we were meant to be.

Anyways, I'm running out of time and I got truckloads of stuff to do. Bye :)

With love,


The End

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