Entry 1 : 20.12.2010

The snow fell today. Fell to the ground like neverending confetti at a wedding, totally blanketing the ground in a soft, crisp, white sheet, getting thicker and thicker as the day went on.

Comparing my feelings and memories and life, even, to the falling snowflakes makes sense. I felt almost relaxed and comforted by the falling snow, like each small, individual, delicately detailed snowflake stood for memories that are slowly fading into the back of my mind. As the flakes near the ground the trivial memories fade, like its been erased from time. And once the flakes hit the ground, it sits and waits for someone to come and stand all over it or for the sun to melt it away. My memories falling and hitting the floor or hiding in the back of my mind, waiting for someone to completely erase that memory orwaiting for the mind to give up and let me cry. Cry out the memories that can't be stepped all over.


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The End

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