Dear Fate,Mature

I want to say things.

Dear Fate,

You are cruel, and up the stairs is a baby.  I know this is true because I can hear her crying through the ventilation that connects that room to the basement, where I am writing this letter.  Why does that baby have to burden her mother, and her mother's unsuspecting boyfriend?  I think it is so irresponsible of her to just scream and bitch to anyone she wants.  That baby should know that parents are suppose to devote their lives to their weed and beer, and babies shouldn't interfere with that relationship.  So why ruin their fun for that damn bottle?  I'm just writing this letter to make you aware of the crap this baby has put these poor parents in, and hope that you and your cronies enjoy this pain and suffering that these innocent people have to endure on the behalf of an irresponsible baby and your cruel joke.

Wade Sonny Miller

The End

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