happy cinco de mayo.

gawd, i wish i could just play kingdom hearts or final fantasy. i miss it.

but my brother went and fucking lent his one working controller to his fucking friend. i doubt he even uses it.

i'm listening to first love now. hmph.

i miss you emmy.

but i'll never tell you that, i guess. if you don't have the time to read my fanfiction, then i guess you've moved on. and i guess the girl you like now it pretty fucking awesome... your type, yeah. i wonder if she likes girls? i don't fucking care.. i'm going to draw you a picture for your birthday and you'll fucking love it. aishiteru, emmy-chan.

i miss you call me ai and talking about your friends that i didn't care about. i miss you trying to make me jealous even though it pissed me off. i loved you, you know.  i miss you saying random bits of japanese, like kuso.

i think i've blogged about this song before. either here or on my other blog.

i wonder what you would do if i went to jacksonville and appeared on your doorstep wearing a fedora and holding a bunch of poems and drawings.

you taught me how to love, emma. i think i got bored of your love, though. yeah.

i guess i miss it now. it's not the same.

oh fuck it. i just miss you. i miss you calling me sexy and implying that we'll do dirty things whenever we meet. if.. we meet. i think i'm actually going to cry.  no. i can hold it, yeah. just.. fuck. i wish i hadn't've deleted your number, but there was something deep down telling me i needed to.

everyone fucking covers utada songs and it's pissing me off.

finally i found one with the actual song.. it's a sokai video.. eh i'm just going to listen to it anyway,  idgaf.

i really, really... want to cut. see what you do to me, you beautiful girl? i haven't seen a recent picture of you in forever... but from the animation that your new girlfriend or whatever uploaded in april, it looks like your hair is.. like 3 inches longer than the last time i saw you. if that drawing is accurate.

i'm going to nyan the pain away.

it's not working. i'm still sad. talking to drew will not help me.

fuck it maybe i'm just destined to be sad and cut-y forever.

emma i thought you shipped house/cutty wow i don't even know if i miss you anymore. and you don't ship saisasu/sasusai anymore which is total bullshit.


i'm sorry i just really want to saw my foot off or something and joking helps me okay. i joke about things i'm scared of.

i still don't know if you're bisexual or just a lesbian.i mean you said you were a lesbian i think? adjfls. i was only going to nyan for a minute but it's been like 400 seconds.



The End

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