5/2/11 (2)Mature

you made me cry.

because you were apologizing.

i asked you why you were gone. you said you had other things to do. that you hurt me by not being on but you wanted to be with me.



i know you probably didn't mean it that way and i'm overreacting.

stop talking to barky, i want to rip her throat out. she's a little slut who's probably actually a virgin because she's fucking ugly (pan pov). and she has trypophobia? wtf. okay. I WONDER WHY YOU'RE SINGLE YOU UGLY CUNT. you're conceited and it's fucking repulsive.

anyway. you keep saying sorry and honestly i don't know what i'm supposed to say. anyway, you got offline. you said sorry to me and that you'd "continue" tomorrow with barky.. "haha."

what the fuck.

if you listened to the song on my channel you'd know that i miss you and i love you, i think. i mean i loved you more than anything else in the entire universe before. but.. it's been 6 months and i talked to you once today. i'm not sure how i feel. but if you can make me cry so easily, i guess it's worth a shot.

but i'm on my period so - points.

The End

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