you came back.
i thought you were gone forever.

the thing is...

i had already left by the time you returned.

i deleted. i didn't get to see a reply from you.

i wonder if you read all the messages and comments i left you.

i waited. i did.

i remember how i felt. i still feel that way, deep down.

i still love you.

but you left me alone for a long time.

i don't even know when you came back because you just retyped your information.

now it reads:

drew zoah.
18 years old.
yeah, thats all.



i miss you. i sat there for about ten minutes, wondering if i should add you. i did, finally. i don't even know if you left again or not. you said you're starting anew (and you spelled it wrong, but it's okay).

i don't know what i'm supposed to do.

am i supposed to talk to you. are you even here still.


well... what flatters me is that you're bg is still the same. thank you, i guess.


The End

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