Happy SI Awareness Day, fuckers.


Also, you may or may not have known, I am a little monster. HATERS GONNA HATE.

Ughhh BTW is so fantastic, the video is kinda "uhhh" but she's like half-naked a lot so hnng she's got such a good body.

Anyway, I don't get why people hate on her. She's so marvelous, and ughh. NOBODY SHOULD HATE HER.

This has sparked a.. whatever, can't think of a word, in my mind.

The fact that I am pansexual. That is the word I have chosen to label myself with, and this was before I met any other pansexuals. I know a few others now, but that's regardless.

The term pansexual means that I would have a romantic and/or sexual relationship with a person of any gender. Female, male, transgendered, or whatever gender they refer as themselves.

I have seen people saying that pansexual is just a fancy word for bisexuals who want to sound like they're better than everyone else. That is just fucking untrue. This is the word we describe ourselves with, and you better damn right respect that. Doesn't it suck when people say bisexuals are all just desperate whores who can't choose between being gay or straight? Well that's exactly how it feels when you tell us we're just bisexual.

And, also, it seems everyone is pansexual nowadays. I mean, it used to be, "Wow, you're pansexual? Me too!" (okay not exactly but whatever) but now it's "You're pansexual, right? Yeah, I figured."

It's a little uncomfortable is all. I used to be proud of my label. It made me who I am.

Now it's just a label.

The End

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