Breaking up is hard, right? I wouldn't know. But that's why I wouldn't date you.

You were my best friend, right? Yeah. And what sucked is that we were just two girls in utter, complete love. You were like my sister and my girlfriend mixed together. And you just wanted to fucking date me.

I didn't want to end our friendship. But look where we are now.

We barely speak, and though my face lights up when you text me, I don't reply, because all you ever text me about is Star Trek or Doctor Who or other fandoms I really don't care about and have expressed that many times to you.

But lately you've been quoting your friends. Guys. With quotation marks.

And that pisses me off because I know you do it on purpose. You always dangle girls and boys in front of me, like you're saying "Look, they want me, and I can have them."

So I'm fucking glad you're in Florida and I'm 2000 miles away from you.

Makes it easier to separate.

The End

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