As you may or may not know by now, the comment on your page hit two months. With shaking hands, I typed this message to you:

i promised myself a few weeks ago that if i haven't seen you in two months.. y'know..
i can't handle it. i miss you so much. and.. um. if you ever do come back, please talk to me. but i'm gonna have to say i'm single for a while.
i'm sorry..

It was heartbreaking, to say the least. Now my profile reads single, and I cringe whenever I see it. I do not see your profile picture listed under "4months♥" anymore. I do not get to click it at my liking, see "I love her, she's mine" with my picture under it whenever I like. It hurts to do so.

And this other boy. Boys, actually. These others boys. One is my best friend, mm. I love him like no other. But he's unavailable and horrible with relationships.

And then there's this new boy... He's not into it like we are... The role play. But he's nice. And he's my friend. And, well... I think I like him. I mean... He said the sweetest thing... I mean, to someone else, "Big deal." But to me, it was wonderful. "Your comment could never be lame." It... made me happy, I guess. After what I had to do. I had to type "single," and it fucking hurt. I miss you, you know. And I would take you back if you came back. But if you left... I don't know. I can never hold onto a decent boyfriend... I've only had two, for Christ's sake...

The End

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