Well. You got in an accident yesterday. And your brother broke his hip, foot, and some of the bones in his face. But you're fine. And the other boy is fine. And I'm glad. What would I have done if you died? There really would have been no reason to live. My last chance of happiness. I would not have wanted you to pass without knowing how I feel about you. And surely you would see me from up in Heaven... see me hurting myself. And you might figure out that it's because of you, babe. Oh, how I wish I could call you babe. I love that word. I would let you call me babe if you liked. I would call you babe and bebe and love and cutie and anything else you wanted. I would make you feel loved. I would love you. And you would know it. If only I had the guts to tell you. Because, of course, there is an age difference, and I do not want to make the first move. Mostly because it would be face-to-face, as you don't have Facebook or a cellphone or anything. But I guess now that everyone is talking about you, I won't feel awkward doing it, too... I'm here if you need to talk, Chris.

The End

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