I hate this. I am lonely. I want someone to hold me. To tell me they love me, to call me beautiful. Anybody. But especially you. You are the boy I want. Ugh. Why can't you see that? I must not make it clear enough.

Christian, I like you. You are two grades ahead of me, and I feel helpless every time I see you. I am sure my best friend thinks I only like you because you are cute. That's not it, though. I can't explain why I like you, I just do. I am wondering now if you even know my name. I secretly hope you will stumble upon this online writing community. I secretly hope that you will find this, and read everything. And say "Oh." And I hope it will stir something inside of you and you will get the courage to tell me you like me too and ask me out.

But that won't ever happen.

My first post about you was from September 27th. I hadn't realized that I'd liked you for that long.

The End

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