October 9Mature

Uno - My grandmother has been dead for one year. R.I.P.

Dos - Here's a scenario that I've created that will never ever happen:

They're talking. Just talking about things, nothing special. All of a sudden, she brings up, "You know, when I was in seventh grade, I was in love with you." Her awkward laughter follows. He thinks a moment before responding, "So how do you feel... now?" Her first response is "What?" and a fierce blush. "About... me?" The look on his face is of pure curiosity. She smiles suddenly. "You first." He grins in return, but doesn't stop eye contact. "I'm not sure I want to tell you." This earns a frown from the younger girl. "Well then. I, myself, am pretty love-stricken. It's taken me ages to say that, you know."He says nothing in return, creating an awkward silence. Right as the girl is about to speak again, the boy tilts her head up and kisses her lips softly. "...well, it certainly took you long enough, douche bag." Blah blah blah, they walk off together, the end.


(If you can see and you're wondering why it took me half an hour to write this, it's because I was doing something else whilst still writing this.)

The End

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