September 27Mature

You're two grades ahead of me?

Then I guess I'm going to Hell, because I like you.

I just wish you'd notice me for a second.

Today, when you, my friend, and I were alone in the cafeteria?

You were silent, and I tried to use hushed tones. I didn't want you to hear a thing I said. Maybe that's because I was afraid my words would come out fucked up, because, honey, I was staring at you. Yeah, I'm just a creepy little thirteen-year-old. But attraction to people I know I won't get, just fills me. Boys with girlfriends. My best friend, thousands of miles away. You.

I can just imagine us, in a few years.

I told my friend: "___ is so cute!" and she just said " think?"

Nobody looks at you through my eyes. Nobody I know, at least. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm not being shallow, either. You're not just cute. You're funny, you have an unimaginable personality, and you're my kind of weird. Maybe you could get held back and I could skip a grade? I doubt that would happen, but hey, anything can happen.


Darling, just dream of me, like I'll dream of you?

Maybe think, "What's her name...?" and then ask around?

Anything. Just notice me, okay? I'll be waiting. Right now, there's nobody else but you.

The End

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