September 22Mature

Daydreaming is my guilty pleasure.

The downside is that I don't know if I'm "foreseeing" something (don't ask...) or if I'm just daydreaming.

I now know that even if I might fool myself into believing you might date me,


you're the new kid. You will automatically fall for that whore that we'll call Sadie right now. They all do.

She's blonde. Skinny. Athletic. Perfect.

I'm just average. As far as I know, only two boys have ever liked me.

My (second) best (guy) friend, and some asshole. The asshole was a long time ago, (Second grade, maybe) and my best friend was a year or two ago... and I didn't start to like HIM until after he stopped liking me. But I've really had a crush on this guy, we'll call him Rocket, on/off for about two years.

And then the new kid. He's gorgeous, but he's short. No problem, a lot of the boys in my grade are super short.

And so, I thought I might have a chance, because someone told me that they asked him if he liked "Sadie," and he said no. But someone ELSE told me today that yes, he did like her, and she likes him (Did I mention she's a whore? The first day, she went all goo-goo ga-ga over him. And she just dumped her boyfriend...). I don't blame her for liking him, because as I said before, he's hot. But, really, he got her like four days ago, and she likes him? I think he's cute. He's friends with my best friend (that I mentioned before), which hints that we would get along. I think I have a shot, but I'm too damn shy.

The End

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