August 30Mature

Dear God, woman. Honestly, I thought you were happy. Happy with lying, cheating, and a doubtful boyfriend. I thought you were happy lying to me, so I left. And now this. You admit to cheating. You should've done that a long time ago, bitch. You hope that I come across it? I've been here since before you have. I've seen everything you've done. Of course I'll come across it. God damn, you're an idiot. All those fucking times I accused you, and you denied it. Now, when I'm gone, you admit it? Fuck you. It's because your boyfriend is never around. You need someone new to toy with. And the worst part is, I still fucking love you. But I never want to see you again. I've always been in love with you... I've had my doubts, and you lied and cheated... We can't be together. But it feels so wrong to be apart. What do you think your boy toy would say if he found out you wanted me back? Just give him another excuse to leave, I s'pose. He's never around. I can thank school for that. But if he finds out that you're out there, as big a whore as ever, it's give him all the reason to leave for good. And I care very much about him, so why don't you just go? God dammit. I just... don't know. "I honestly hope you'll come across this and come back... Just come back so I can fix things. Attempt to put everything back the way it's suppose to be." I don't know how I'm supposed to respond. I suppose I'll read this over and over, make a new account... Close it. I love you. And I love... her. But all this time, whenever I think she might like me back, it's just her boy toy. My best friend's boyfriend. She stole him, dammit. I hate her, but I keep having feelings. Back to the main girl. You say you loved me? You want me back? Damn, I can't do that. I'm in too much pain. I love what I can't have, what will hurt me. So I'll have to separate us... until I don't love you as much.

The End

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