Term #1

I'm a terrible person.

I told myself - and a lot of you - that I was going to write this like a diary, keeping up to date with important happenings and interesting anecdotes. There has been a lot of that, but you haven't been able to see any of it. That's because university has been busier than I could have ever imagined. I knew it was going to be intense - I signed up to spend 40 hours a week surrounded by books, biographies and critical essays, but there's been another side to university life that I didn't expect I would have applied myself to as much. I haven't been going out every night, that was something I knew I was never going to be very good at. But I promised myself that I would - as the adults like to say - participate. That means not, for once, spending my days shut up in my room writing and fantasising in my own little world. As much as I love to do that, what I've gained from not doing it all the time has been invaluable. I've been involved in some of the most hilarious pranks, been on wonderful outings, and had open conversations with people that I've only known for ten weeks, but feel as though I've known for years.

These ten weeks have been hectic. I feel as though I've worked my butt off, and stayed up later than I thought was humanly possible. I've gained an upper-second mark for my first term - two marks off of a first honour (booyah!) and I've now secured a lovely house to live in with three of my closest friends next year. We have yet to give it a name, but it'll definitely be something corny to illustrate that it's going to be a perfumed girly house with a lot of pizza and a lot of innuendos. 

Living in York has also given me so much inspiration. I've written about places that I've actually seen and lived in, places that seem out of a fantasy world, like the Shambles, the Minster, the walled cities - the dozens of names ending in -gate (WHIP-MA-WHOP-MA-GATE! Actual road - look it up. It has the best fudge shop EVER.) Not only that, but being taken so much out of my comfort zone and dumped into a far-away and (very) cold place up North has changed my understanding of what it's like to find your place somewhere. I always figured I would eventually find a place to fit in, but I didn't think it was going to be so easy. That doesn't mean I haven't had some trouble adjusting - not being homesick, in fact I've not once wanted to go home or quit my course. I count myself lucky. The difficulty has come from not writing as much as I planned, and not meeting my deadline of being able to send off manuscripts by now. Nonetheless, I've loved having a group of new people take a constant interest in my writing and being impressed by it. It reminds me that I am doing something worthwhile that not everybody can do. I might not be getting first honours (yet) and I might not have 300 new friends, but I'm staying myself, and apparently that's a pretty cool person.

Here's hoping I turn up a lot more over Yuletide, but if not, blessed be to you all and have a wonderful holiday! I know I will.

The End

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