Month #1

And just like that, I've been at university for almost a month. I could mention some of the little itches I have about this new life, still walking 20 minutes for that milk and not having our own shop, the occasional rain and thunderstorm - but it all dulls in comparison to how much fun I'm having.

Lectures and seminars are a strange experience. Not only am I surrounded by 270 students who all love English - and are smart enough to study it - but I'm then surrounded by a select 20 who both love English and don't mind showing it. I've been used to being the talkative one in my English group of 5, and now I don't say much. That's mainly due to the texts we're studying. It isn't that I don't like them, inherently I just love books for what they are, but first year is one of those experiences where you know you aren't going to enjoy it as much as second year. First-years purpose, as I think is the case in most other places, is to prepare you for second year, in terms of the workload, the attitude, and developing the interests of every student so they know which specific modules to take next Autumn. With 270 students besides me, I'm not sure how soon I'll find my inspiration. Nonetheless, being taken out of my comfort zone is what I wanted, and it's what's happening, as grudgingly as I might feel about it now.

I love my Translations class, studying how literature in another language impresses on a different culture and what it can teach us. We're studying the Odyssey, a book I've studied for 4 years and feel as if I can really talk about.

Outside of university, I'm returning home in 3 weeks for 4 days for my school's prize giving and to see my family after what feels like so long. I don't feel homesick, that's the strange thing. This is my life now, I chose it, wishing for another accomplishes nothing, so I think that, and the fact that Skype is a wonder, has helped me to cope. Maybe after I've left them again, I won't feel like that and I'll start balling my eyes out on the train, but then so be it. I'm not leaving, I'm not changing, and I'm not stopping.

I love this life.

The End

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