YOFO ("You're Only Freshers Once")

It's day 3 of freshers, and in turn, university life for me. There's still the feeling that I'm at a kid's camp or on a school honours trip, not moving into a flat I'll be living in for a year, meeting flatmates I'll be putting up with for a year, and making the 20 minute walk to the second campus for milk like I'll be doing for a year. I've never been a huge party-animal (maybe a little) but I've endeavoured to, as it's said, "let myself go" and have fun. The first night was amazing - I donned a binbag outfit with a couple other mates and we discoed until 1am, getting very sweaty, and quite, quite drunk. I'm proud to say I can remember it all, though not entirely proud, as I distinctly remember prancing around the commonroom block arm-in-arm with one of my flatmates belting out Que Sera Sera.

Last night, I went a little too far and nearly collapsed, not because of alcohol, but because of the heat and the exhaustion I'd brought down on myself. Tonight, I'll be taking it easy, chilling out with some of the non-clubbers and having what we've called a "pesto party". 

Classes are yet to start, but I have induction lectures tomorrow, and a supervisor meeting on Thursday, which involves me having to weave through town to the Medieval Studies centre 10 minutes away in town. I'm quite sure I will get lost, and if not, will get rather flustered in the process at least. A great first impression for my supervisor, I'm sure.

I haven't had much time to write lately, and I think I'll hold off until freshers ends and the term start puts me in a more hard-working and academic mindset. That's all for now. I'm looking forward to what's ahead.

The End

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