The Return

I'm sorry I haven't been around for so long. I told myself that I could maintain my presence here even with everything going on, but that clearly hasn't happened.

The preparation for university has been hectic. It finally sank in after the laborious process of signing up for accommodation and making contact with fellow students in my college, my degree class and my flat, that I was going to have to go. Everything seemed like half a dream before, every plan was made on an unstable premise of what might happen, but what might not. I was lucky to avoid the awful Clearing process which follows from not reaching my grades. I've been able to make myself comfortable with a place I'm already quite familiar with. I've bought my Freshers tickets (expensive!) and sorted out who in my flat of twelve is bringing the grater (I'm on wok and toastie-maker duty.)

I'm still very nervous and worried about a lot of things, the classics, whether I'll make friends, whether I'll like my course/flatmates/room. So many others will be feeling the exact same thing, and I only hope that I deal with the nerves in the way that always works best for me - spontaneous eccentricity.

The good news is that until I have to start packing to leave on the 26th, I have moments of calm to get back to writing, worldbuilding and, of course, some much needed Protagonizing!

The End

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