A.J's Top Exam Tips (#2)


I've always found this to be a no-brainer, but throughout A-Levels and living in a commonroom with 200 other students (procrastinating, overly-social girls specifically) I've been shocked to see how many "slackers" I have been around. This advice is probably what contributed to me not having that much of a social life, in hindsight, but I repeat, IT WORKS FOR ME. It was so comforting for me to be able to remember a topic from six months back when exams were drawing close. Teaching yourself everything in the upcoming months does absolutely no good. I get it, it's your last year before everybody moves on to new colleges or new universities, you want it to be "a year to remember", but that can happen in both good and bad ways. Sure, you remember it as that time that you were kicked out of such a place and it was so hilarious with so-and-so, but if you're not careful, you'll remember it regretfully as a time when you should have been paying attention.

Now, granted, this sort of attitude earned me comments such as "do you ever leave the library?" and "your mind is ri-diculous". Obviously, the ones who said that to me don't have the same system as me, but that's not to say they aren't insanely clever - which they certainly were. Whether or not it's true, my school psychologist told me that I had close to an eidetic memory, so I suppose that has to make it easier (it was a fact which certainly provoked plenty of classmates.) I remember things well, I've always thought, but that doesn't mean I have a perfect memory. In fact, my short-term memory is abyssmal. I can't count the number of times I've walked into another room, or picked something up, or started a sentence, and completely forgotten what the next action was going to be. I also fall over if I stand still for too long - that's amusing, but irrelevant...

My Philosophy teacher was so fantastically quirky that he did very strange things to help us remember facts (he gallopped with a biscuit tin between his legs around the classroom to help us remember Braithwaite's "moral spur". Suffice to say, he eventually broke the tin...) Things like that will stay with me longer than the exam, so if you want to effectively recall and revise, my answer is always: be weird.

The End

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