A.J's Top Exam Tips (#1)

Having just written the previous post, it's occured to me that those wandering onto this might be: a) about to take exams in a year or so b) are preparing to OR c) in the midst of exams. So, I feel that having reflected on two years of A-Levels and preparing for the next worst thing, a DEGREE! I think I should put together a few little tips.

Bear in mind, everybody revises differently, everybody reacts differently. This is just me, and I'm hoping they'll at least help you construct your own strategies.

  • REVISE. 

Man oh man, this is rich coming from me. Here's the truth: I am TERRIBLE at revising. That's not to say that it doesn't go in, because I feel it does, and that's not to say my notes are bad, because my school threw trees of notes at us all year round. What I'm bad at is TIMING. I leave revision late, and I tell myself constantly that I "deserve a break", when all I seem to be having a break from is another break. When it came down to revision, out of the two weeks of free study leave I had, I used the last four days to cram cram cram. To be honest, I think that's what works for me, but I'm not advising it for others. If I am to stress anything, it's to give yourself sufficient time. Of course, I still stress, you NEED breaks. Your brain WILL melt otherwise (no buts, it WILL turn into viscous, useless ooze if you aren't kind to yourself every now and then).

The End

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