No Longer Who I Once Was

This pretty much ends memories of the distant past and now moves on to more recent thoughts. Here's what you need to know about what happened in the aforementioned incidents:

  • Abbie went for her operation in Birmingham and was cleared of all signs of cancer. When she heard that I had gone to a sleepover with other girls, it had upset her; she thought I would abandon her, like I thought she would me. Her hair grew back in time for our final, Year 6 production of "The Evacuees". We were together at our Prize-giving, me to cheer her on for the newly-created "Bravery Award", and she for me in collecting the Art and English cups. She and I went to different secondary schools but promised to remain best friends. I saw her three times in Year 7. We haven't spoken in person in three years, though from mutual friends, I know her mother married, Abbie now has a toddling half-brother and has been in a relationship for three years. A couple weeks ago, I saw her on the bus and we were both too afraid to speak to each other. We both apologised later that week on Facebook.
  • After the sleepover, the other girls involved laughed it off and came to school that Monday telling me it was a joke, telling the others how much fun it had been. When I would later tell my friends in my secondary school what had happened, the three girls who had followed me there (not involved) told me I was lying and it never happened. I wrote about it in detail for my Year 8 'memory' assignment and was sent to a councillor, who I refused to meet more than three times.

Hopefully this can now become - not necessarily a more cheerful piece of work - but one more current and not about the me I was, but the me I am.

Stay tuned ;)

The End

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