Dear Diary

Why cant things in life be clear cut?  Life doesnt come with a manual but it would make everything so much easier. Shouldnt there just be one e person that your meant to be with and that one person only? Shouldnt you love them regardless and not think of anyone else? No fantasies of anyone.. just forever happiness with chosen one? No its not like that is it. Its not what you think it will be. Its just way to comfortable. No fun or sparks left. The something, someone surfaces. Someone you met 7 years ago that has been your friend all along, told you that now hes single. Hes your one true love. You've wanted to be together since you met, youve been in long with each other since you met, but theres never been a right time to be together. You have both always been with other people. So what do you do now? Follow your heart and risk everything? Or stay where you know is safe. Risking everything sounds dangerous, and it may fall through, then you will be left alone and sad. So what do you do?


The End

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