Scene One: A Day Like Any Other


SCENE ONE- A Day Like Any Other

Wide shot of a rather large, preppy looking high school two uniformed youth CHLOE (average height and build, light brown hair, light coloured eyes, about 16) and HAYDEN (mysterious, tall, darker hair and eyes). Chloe at the bottom of stairs, Hayden almost at the front entrance

CHLOE: Hayden! Don't I at least get a hug before I have to go to my stupid work placement?

(jokingly): Uhm, no...why would you get a hug?

CHLOE (sarcastically): (huffs) Fine, but if I die and you don't get a hug remember who's fault it is

She laughs and runs to him, giving him a quick but slightly clingy hug.

CHLOE: Bye then

She kisses him on the cheek and runs down the steps to an awaiting cab. She climbs into the cab and the driver looks back at her.

CHLOE: Toronto General Hospital, Side Entrance.


She leans her head against the window, as the sky slowly clouds over and it starts to drizzle. Camera cuts over to a front view of the hospital as she pulls up. She rushes through the rain into the side entrance through a pair of large, glass, automatic doors. NURSE DHARY is the first she sees as she pulls on her pale blue lab coat and pins on her name tag.

NURSE DHARY: Chloe darling, the young girl with the eating disorder needs someone to talk to, can you do that? Please try to be nice.

CHLOE: Yes miss, I'll head right up.

Chloe climbs into a large, metallic elevator and presses “5”. She walks down the hall to room 512, too the bed at the far side by the window occupied by MADISON MCGOVENEL (14)

CHLOE: Hello Madison, how are you today?

MADISON: You know I hate it when you talk doctor to me.

CHLOE: I know, but I have to...It's sort of my job.

MADISON: Yeah, whatever.

CHLOE: I brought that book you wanted (
She pulls a soft cover copy of Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters out of her black rucksack)

MADISON: Oh good, I finished Generation Dead two days ago and I've read it again.

Chloe smiles and lays the book down on Madison's bed covers.

CHLOE: Have you eaten everything they gave you today? I don't have to check the trash cans again do I?

MADISON: No, I did, I promise.

CHLOE: Okay, I trust you...Not that I don't want to see you any more, but I'd really like for you to be out of the hospital by the end of the month.

A peaky blond nurse with bright red lipstick pokes her head through the door frame

NURSE: Chloe, I need your help

CHLOE: Yeah, hold up. I guess this is goodbye for now.

Chloe leaves into the hallway and the camera focuses on Madison briefly, she pulls out a plate of jello from the far side of her pillow and throws it into the trash bin beside her. The camera then zooms out onto the nurse and Chloe.

NURSE: We have and ID on that car crash victim from yesterday; Matilda Muller. Daughter ID-ed her.

CHLOE: ….and?

NURSE: Well, she went down and never came back.


CHLOE: Why do you need me? The cameras down there...

NURSE: Have been taken out. I've been told to go down there with you and find out where Miss Cassandra Muller went.

The End

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