Dead on Arrival

PROLOGUE- The Infection


CASSANDRA (28) walks into an apparently deserted morgue in a hospital to visit her mother for the last time, she reaches over for the light switch and flicks it on. The florescent lights flicker on, at the sight of the body bag she pulls her sweater around her tightly. She unzips it slowly part way to reveal a elderly women (late 70s)


CASSANDRA: Oh mom, what am I going to do without you? I don't know why no one would come down here with me.

A surgical scalpel falls to the ground on the far side of the room, Cassandra glances over and head in the direction of the noise cautiously.


CASSANDRA: (worried) Hello? Is anyone there?

She continues till she reaches the surgical tool, then turns around quickly.

CASSANDRA: It's just me and you mom, how stupid am I, thinking there is someone else here, everyone here is dead.

A pair of arms grab her around the neck violently, Camera zooms out and the door to the morgue slams shut.


The End

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