Bear You Witness

I come to this place to sit
Alone inside myself
I put my game face on
Leave my heart upon the shelf

You can't hear me calling out
Inside these four stone walls
You don't want to understand
Until the daylight falls

Bear you witness
To the crimes I stand accused
The way you step on me
I don't mind being used

You don't say anything
When I ask you what will be
You take I give
But in the end it's never free

The daylight comes around
And I wish I could confess
I know I've been uptight
But I'm cleaning up the mess

Yours is the face I see
In the looking glass of time
I push you far away
This destructive urge of mine

Bear you witness
To the passions of the heart
If you knew me well
You'd know just where to start

You don't do anything
You leave it up to me
The best things in this world
Are often never free

The End

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