Wasteland Part 3

I sit here in my quiet desperation
I remember all the trials you put me through
There's a reason - somehow they must be worth it
I sort between the lies and what is true

In the basement where I am there is a window
There's a door to my left I could choose
I'll just sit down and quietly remember
The pain you have given I can't lose

I'm standing to look outside the window
Its frozen pains all glistening with ice
A sad, silent shroud of fallen snow I see
There's very little room for compromise

Digging in the dirt is so hard to do
Something's there that has to be revealed
Tomorrow through the snow I'll try to dig
In hopes to find the way I truly feel

All you've bought and sold is just a heresy
All you've ever wanted is a lie
No matter where I go your walls are closing in
The question I would ask of you is why

The End

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