Sunday 28th November 2010

After a fun day of sledging I discovered my dog has a handy skill. Without any training my retriever instantly decided to chase my sleigh then carry it back up the hill for me. I guess retrievers can collect more than just game birds.

No more news on the protest except on a facebook page I never knew I had. Apparentely I am already scheduled for the protest. Hmmm...quite odd.

Last night I was shocked to find myself enjoying the musical stylings of Wagner. He sang 'Creep' by Radiohead which was the perfect song. The chorus (I'm a creep, I'm a wierdo, what the hell am I doing here) sums the most hated contestant up brilliantly. For that I sort of want him to stay for the Semi Finals. I'll find out tomorrow if my controversial wim is happen

Only 27 days until Xmas! Yay!

The End

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