Thursday 25th November 2010

Just 30 days until Christmas so to get into the festive mood it began snowing. The first sign of snow for this winter! Hazzah! What a shame it did not settle. It was just little snowflakes blowing about in the november breeze. You could catch them on your tongue but that was it. It seems there will be no snow for a while

This tuesday another protest will happen. I am determined to go but I feel its just a waste and this second protest is just an excuse to miss more school. If there are going to be more protests I feel it will attract less and less people each time. The magic has gone. It was such an exciting thing, such an adrenaline rush. But not any more. Its dead

Come March there will be a big protest if the tuition fees haven't been lowered. Nick Clegg returns to Sheffield (both mine and his hometown) where he will be greeted by angry students who wish he had kept his promise. The coalition seems to have failed already. It is an unusual world we live in.   

The End

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