Wednesday November 24th 2010

What a hectic day. The student protest everyone had spent all week chattering about finally happened.

When the bell for break rung throughout the school my heart was attempting to escape my rip how I was about to attempt to escape from my school. Nearly every student filed into the courtyard of my school and watched as the select few broke through the teachers and escaped to the bus stop

My year group was the only one to be going to university during the co-elitions time in power but without exams this coming December. So it was up to me and my peers to protest for what we believed in

A mighty roar and cheer was cried as nine dozen students or so pushed the teachers out of the way and ran away from the school. Breaking the law. Before me and my chums could get close to the open gate it had been shut and break was over. The excited atmosphered remained, and why should it not. Two more exits remained unclosed and only one was eventually guarded by the aging headmaster

Only eight of my usual twenty-odd classmates were present next lesson. They were marked absent and were sure to be punished. But it did not matter because they tried to make a difference. Just like I will try to do next protest. Rumoured to be the very next week.

The End

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