Day in the Life....

Just the daily comings and goings in your average teen drama queen.

Yesterday was just a bad day, following on from before,

Big arguement with the best friend, petty, stupid cause.

We're still not talking, not a word, won't stay in the same room,

So it's not fair on all our mates, but I won't give in, will you?

You know I'm stubborn, don't like being weak, prise it out of me,

There's only so much I'll openly show, the rest you'll have to fight to see.

You act as though I'm a monster, but I won't give what you won't take,

That's just the way I am, I don't want you to be the next mistake.

Our friends are stuck in limbo, in the middle of our feud,

And I'm trying not to hurt them, just as I don't want to hurt you.

Sure I said things I shouldn't have, I shouldn't have dreamed of uttering,

But you said things as well, that sent my heart to racing, fluttering.

You make me mad, you make me cry, you make me smile and laugh,

But when you tell me what you're doing, when you tell me you're in the bath,

I don't really care, I don't want to know, I'm not interested in that.

Please, just stop, and consider for her, that I'm happy, and that is that.

The only way I can see, for us to remain friends,  is to

Stop the flirting and trying what we can't, though mostly that is you.

You are my best friend and have been for years, I don't want to lose what we had,

Just give it a rest and don't try your luck, we both know I'm just a fad.

Other than that life's rather grand, not much different to normal routine,

So I'm signing off for today, and goodnight, remember the miracles you've seen.

The End

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