I found this app. It's called "DarkRoom"

It just this interesting download for your computer. I've heard you can get it on your ipod/iphone too.

But I have it for my computer.

It's just this writing thing.

It's full screen.

The point of it is to block out any distractions.

It autosaves your work every few minutes, but you can manually save it, too.

The background is black (like a dark room haha) and the font is green. Though I think you can change both, I just changed my font color to purple<3

It doesn't have spell check or grammar check like microsoft word, but that's the whole point of it.

The whole point of darkroom is for you just to write. It's only to write! You aren't supposed to be concentrating on spelling or grammar or sentence structure, because those are the things that screw up your story when you are writing the first draft.

That's why it's called a "first draft"/"rough draft".

It supposed to be edited for spelling and grammar later, not the first time you write it down.

The first time you write it down is specifically to get your ideas out, to create the story, to create this world where these characters exist.

I personally love love love love love this application.

Plus, its free! Haha. That just makes it even better.

Just go to google and type in darkroom,

or just go to this website, http://they.misled.us/dark-room , and click on download now

The End

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