Dangerous Guns


Home is where the radio is
Paradise is where I am
I miss his cigarettes...His mess
He said "I am smoking the last one"

I'm going to make him crazy
Rage, rage, rage
Rage, fury, rage
Nobody will be able to hurt me again

I will defeat pain wit rage, my love
He cheated on me
He humiliated me
I am lost, baby, I am lost

But then with one kiss
I'd forgive him everything
He left me without a word
But he had forgotten his gun

I thought "Do i have to shoot myself?Or him?"
But then I found myself in front of a mirror
And then I started to brush my hair like this...
Stroke, stroke... My curls melted away

And then I tought "Why I have to reach exactly 100?"
Because in the hundredth stroke...
My hair was back to being straight
I looked again

He had no power over me
Baby, I have changed
I'm not that little girl anymore
I was a different person

The End

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