What is it to be trapped inside your own mind? She used to ask herself that a lot. So many nights she would lie in her bed, staring up at the stars unable to get a moments rest. Her mind, it would never let her be, it was always moving and changing, keeping her awake, forcing her to go over things again and again and again. She didn’t deserve that, she knew it deep down, but still she remained. Trapped in the restless uncertainty which slowly consumed her.

If she could only forget for a moment...No, she must never forget. She knew that as much as she knew it was unfair. If she forgot then it would mean nothing, she couldn’t let it mean nothing. It had to be that way, just like the sea always comes back to the shore she would always move back to that moment, her mind would keep her in her agitated delirium until she was nothing more than the thing that had made her this way. This dark shadow working its way into her soul would be all that remained, one day.

If she could only still her mind for a moment she could be free. She will never be free.

The End

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