Daily words =)

This is something that has been requested, so I'm giving it a go. Every day I'm going to ask someone to choose me a word at random and try to write a short piece of prose or something similar based around that word. The title of each piece will be the word chosen.

Here goes =)


It isn’t that he’s totally cold, I’m sure he has some warmth in there somewhere; he’s just closed to the world. I’ve tried several times to get close to him but he is shut to me. He is shut off from everyone.

I suppose to most people he comes across as a little standoffish at first, as if he‘s there but his mind is in another place. Some place where he can be open and free, a place where other people are not permitted to be. I want too much to be in on that world but I am denied time and time again. He stays closed to my world, he stays cold. He does not ignore you as such; he just doesn’t want to be in the same world as you, it holds too much pain for him.

I think the feeling of frostiness comes from much deeper inside him than anyone can see. He has been hurt perhaps, or is still hurting. Whoever she was she has left a large impression and her memory is etched into his soul, eating away at his happiness. It is choking him from the inside, turning him into a shell of the man he once was. Yes he smiles but there is sorrow and emptiness behind those eyes; it is an emptiness that engulfs him, freezing his emotion, stripping him of joy.

He has not always been this way, I’m certain.  I’m sure there was joy in his heart once, where now there is only darkness. Where there was warmth there is now a bitter chill. I imagine there was once a spring in his step, that he whistled a happy tune from time to time. Now there is silence. She may not have drained away all his compassion but she has stolen everything else.

The End

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