Daddy's Princess

This is a song I wrote a few years back.. keep in mind I was pretty young.

She's just daddy's princess holding to his hand
And pretending not to be afraid for him
Now she's praying
Praying for a chance
That God will lead the way and everything will be okay

Cus she's just daddy's princess
She was free without a care
Till a storm blew in and ripped her life apart
Now she's praying
Just praying with all her heart
That she's strong enough to face the test ahead

Daddy's princess is very scared
And there's not a thing she can do for him
All she can do is sit, watch, and pray
And hope that her prayers will be answered

Daddy's princess holds to his hand
Finally she tells him he can let go
And she's just daddy's princess
Being brave for him
And doing what she knows is best in the end

She was daddy's princess till the very end
And in her heart today she knows who she is
Cus she's just daddy's princess
Knowing someday soon she'll see him again
And she can't wait till then

Cus she's just daddy's princess
Clinging to his hand and remembering
All the good times they had
When she was daddy's princess

The End

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