This is a little off my beaten path but I think you might like it. Some of you are young so let me tell you that this is what my father told me when I was growing up.

My dad was an army sargent. He worked hard all of his life, he was number 4 of 7 children, born in Lake Charles Louisiana, June/22/1922.

During the summer back in the 60s when I was a little girl. (yes I said the 60s) My cousins, friends and I would go to the little Mom&Pop store around the corner. For one dollar you could get, 2 slices of bologna, 2 slices of cheese, a cupcake, a bag of chips and a soda. That would be lunch.

Here is the story: Dad had just come home from the army, after 26 years, he decided to retire. One day around lunch time, I went to my father and asked for a quarter, I had lost one of mine and I just needed that one to make my dollar.

When I asked my father, he gave me a look and said "a quarter" he said "do you know what I did to get a quarter when I was your age" Well I had no idea but, I knew it was going to be something fantastic!

My father told me that when he was my age, about 9, he was laying telephone poles in the ground, yep, telephone poles, he worked 14 hours a day, he had to eat while he held the pole up with one hand, he had to walk a mile for a drink of water which he had to pull up from the well, for this,he was paid 25cts a week.

I tell you true, I was in shock, but the story was not done, my father lived 25 miles from school, he walked uphill both ways, without any shoes in the snow. He didn't have such a thing as a belt to hold up his trousers, he had to use an extension cord.

He had to get up before the sun, feed the chickens, milk the cow, slop the hogs and plow the lower 47. Then he would have breakfast which was just bacon fat and one biscuit.. They churned their own butter, and homogenized their own milk.. Now I have to say, my mouth was hanging on the floor, I mean wasn't that child abuse or something?

Anyway, I told my dad he got screwed lol.. and he didn't punish me I think he knew that story was too much. We laugh about it to this day. It was the most fantastic story of hardship I had ever heard, I didn't even want the quarter any more..

Well, my dad has been gone since 2003.. and I would give both my arms to hear him tell that story again lol..

I miss you DaD.. 


The End

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