Waves of UnderstatementMature

Look at a lake.


A lake.

Can you picture that in your mind.

Know pick up mentally a rock.

Throw the rock  trough the calm surface.

See the rings it will creat and acknowledge that we as well have impact  in our daily actions.

 As that rock had on this fictious lake.

 Just because you can do something is there by implied that you have to take actions on it?


 We have free will .

The down fall of believing in God.

In all His mercy,we have free will.

So we decide.

We have in coded in us,not all of us.Bear in mind some of us choose not to use/hear its call.

 A set of morals that makes us choose wisely.

 Prior to  any major life events.

I guess ,we can only try our best.

And let the chips fall where they may.

Somethings will happen no matter what.

And that believe it or not, my friends is either called fate or as you may know it karma.

How hard is for us to acept changes?

The older you get the harder you would say.

But then with age comes understandment that things are not stagne.

So changes will happen at some point.

We either figth or we accept it.

We accept,but we make the world listen how unhappy we are about it.

We stay in relanshionships that no longer bring comfort ,because of this changes,we prevail,because we fear failure?


Other demons?

We dont handle changes that well .

Most of the times.

But they are necessary.We grow with them,we evolve,therefor Darwin was right .

Survive of the fittest.

That is us,as a race.

We suprised ,by good deeds as well as for killing of thousands of inocents.


- Fist  and Second World War,let your memory always remenber for every deed of good we do ,we are capable of so much horror.

We are.

 We exist.

 We live.

And with that cames the responsability of living with one actions.

For all its glory,or not.

To all of us from me,I am in waiting,looking and admiring how far we have come,waiting for what we do next,hoping it is good.

We will see .


The End

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