Cultural ShockMature

Do you have a voice ?
Is it heard ?
Do you want it to be ?
Are you that brave ?

You can tell yourself many things,but one I know it is true.

I am not a writer.

This stuff that I do.

Is seldom done for selfish reasons.

I could not see myself living this days without scribling down some words,it is reasuring to came here time and time again and read my thougths.

It may not speak to others,but a source of confort to me.

A safe blanket if you must put a name to its feeling.

We surrond ourselfs daily on things we need to live off,but not  with those  we need.


We all know this ugly word dutty.

Bills,morgage,rent,seldom times do I hear this words.

"Do you want to do something tonigth?"

We are living thinking that saving as much as possible will take us further down this credit crunch.By further down i mean get out of it more quicker.

 I  shake my head ,and nodd.Poor suckers,can you not see in the long run.

This is just the first step of a darker tomorrow.

That can only became brigther if we as comunity,share together .

And by share I mean 50/50.

No unbalance in parting with the wealth.

We are so much richer than any third  world country.

And because a few bills have gone up,as well as everything else,we scare easily?

In countries like :

India,Iraque,Pakistan,Serra Leoa,parents go to be without any proper meal throught their daily days  so their children have a change to survive.

Wake up ,people,we are not in trouble,we simply been too priviledge.

Until you can no longer ,send your kids to school,or cloth them ,or feed them or provide them with a roof over their heads.

I  wouldn`t start calling wolf,if you know what I mean.

I am sorry if the picture I paint in words,is not a pleasant to look at,but it is real.

On another hand ,I see in this web site so much hope,we are resiliant as a race?

Are we not?

Honestly,if you see across the Atlantic.

Who would have tought.

America is ready to elect their first black president.

Yes.I said black.

Shoot me.

I think somebody must have told him by now.

Anyway,after "the clown" everything should be must better(VERY PERSONAL VIEW ON ALMOST FORMER PRESIDENT FOR THE LAST EIGHT YEARS).

They are very young as a nation ,bless them.

They dont know any better.We on the  other hand have Gordon Brown.

Aren`t we lucky.Yes it was sarcasm...

Politics as well as religion, are always safer not to be discussed,rubish,we thing ,therefor we speak,otherwise how can we explain progress?

Darwin did not stop talking about evolution,see where i am going with this?

Somebody should have told him to shut up,at some point or he just died.

We are still very young as a race.

I think we  can do better .

I know we can do better.

I sit most time in the dark,put some classic music in the back ground and listen to the street talks.

 By that  I mean that I  see the outside ligth reflect the side walk.

I see how people go about their daily routines.

They walk the dog,gossip for a little while,and then dinner ,telly ,shout at the kids for being too loud,and then bed.

I sit in the dark and take counfort for silly routines.

I also read,i am in the process of reading Albert Einstein biography.

Dont ask; I tought it would be intresting to find the answer to why he says there are universes that resemble this one , only with a diferent outcome.

The Teory of Parallel Universes.

One reality is not enough?

Did  we not do enough damage with this one?

As I said I though it would be fun,so far no gigles....

Well,see you all soon.

The End

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